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SIRUS 'CE202X' T-Shirt


T-Shirt featuring an exclusive new design. Expertly printed on high quality AS Colour shirt stock, featuring a super fine, 2 x colour screen print (no DTG printing!)

[IMPORTANT:] The Masc cut features a unique longline construction, giving extra vertical length to the body, whilst the the Fem cut features a regular length.

This is an ultra-limited run and stock will not last.

AS Colour t-shirts run slightly large, so if you are in between sizes we recommend choosing a size smaller.

Price in AUD.

[We have discovered that the Masc cut can also be used as a dress, and the Fem cut isn't overly tapered and so also suits a masc frame- so best to just order based on the length you want!]

[Masc 2XL - SOLD OUT]